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Tiorda Design Solutions

Helping companies shape the way they do business.

Backyard Transformations

Pool, Landscape & Hardscape Renders

Using the latest in CAD software from Structure Studios, we are able to give clients a glimpse into the future. Whether you’re putting in a small garden and water feature in their backyard, or need help pitching a potential pool and spa area to a resort, we’d be more than happy to offer our services



Plan, Design, R&D

2d and 3d Design

Tiorda Design Solutions started with the idea of helping people launch a product from the ground up. Our approach is to help design your brand, your product, the packaging it comes in, and everything in between. At the end of the day, you should have all the drawings and prints you need to bring to the manufacturer of your choosing. Fill out a contact form with your project information to find out how we can further assist you.

I am impressed with the professionalism and exectution of the project by this team. Highly efficient, easy to communicate with and definitely know their craft. Thanks for an incredible result.

Cad Development

Component & Fixture Design

We have an extensive background in Automotive machining, along with tool and die design and maintenance. As such, we are no strangers to component design, fabrication and augmentation. If your project requires a high level of precision with tight tolerances, we’d be happy to discuss those details with you.



Brandl Boyce

Lead Designer


T.D.S. Design STUDIO

We service the better part of Austin Texas and the surrounding Hill Country. While we do most of our work remotely, we have no problem meeting our clients at their location if the scope of the project demands it. Let us know what your project’s needs are in the contact form.